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We call Florida the Citation State because of its strict laws and regulations against traffic violations.

Written by DriveSafeToday Updated October 14, 2022
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The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) makes annual $1.4B in revenue. And that can be explained by the fact that drivers in Florida paid traffic tickets worth more than 2.9M in 2019 alone.

Florida has some of the most stringent laws against traffic offenses, and driving and parking violations can easily land you in legal dilemmas.

This makes it all the more important to take Drive Safe Today’s Florida driver improvement courses. But before we explore these learning opportunities in further detail, let’s learn some basics about driving in Florida

Impact Of Traffic Tickets On Floridians

If you live in Florida and drive your own vehicle, you must know how traffic violations affect your car insurance, license and incur penalties.

When you get a traffic ticket, you’ve three options to choose from:

  • Pay the fine, plead guilty and get points added to the driver’s license so you remember your transgression
  • Dispute your traffic ticket, and request a hearing before a judge if you think you’re not guilty of a violation and can prove it
  • Enroll in a 4-hour Florida Basic Driver Improvement course and have the points expunged from your record

If you have the money, option one works just fine. However, the ramifications of a traffic violation go beyond just financial setbacks.

The second choice is a lot trickier and can backfire quickly. If the court convicts you of a criminal traffic violation, you can not only get your license revoked but also get incarcerated, put on probation, and sentenced to community service and penalties.

The third choice is the smartest and most convenient since it helps you avoid receiving points on the license. All you need to do is attend Florida traffic school (driver improvement) courses.

How Does A Florida Online Traffic School Help?

The Florida online traffic school courses teach essential driving skills, safe driving techniques, road safety, and defensive driving.

These specific courses are perfect for anyone who has been caught committing moving violations in Florida and needs an in-depth revision of the basics of driving to be considered safe on the road. Drivers who have tickets and wish to take off the negative points from their driving record tend to take these courses. But pretty much anyone can enroll in a class to expand their defensive driving knowledge.

Many in Florida have a misconception about driver improvement courses mainly because they’re associated with moving violations or speeding.

In reality, these courses are highly beneficial for individuals and the state and can be convenient, fun, and increasingly rewarding.

Why Take Florida Driver Improvement Courses?

The benefits of taking Florida driver improvement courses are enormous regardless of the reason. Listed below are a few specific advantages:

  • Increases Your Defensive Driving Knowledge
  • One of the best things about these courses is that they help you learn how to drive safely and become better drivers. The Florida online driving school arms you with all the required skills and knowledge to drive safer and better.

  • Helps Expunge Points From Your Driver’s Record
  • It’s increasingly hard to remove points on a driver’s license once they have it. However, taking the Florida BDI course can remove these points hassle-free.

    Preventing points can have major advantages, such as avoiding license suspensions (if you get specific points, chances are you may have your license revoked).

  • Reduces The Severity Of Traffic Tickets
  • The Florida driver improvement courses can help you reduce traffic tickets/citation severity. For instance, you can get discounts on fines and won’t be required to show up in court or even hire a lawyer.

    Note: The help provided by the course varies based on traffic violations.

  • Keeps Your Car Insurance From Skyrocketing
  • The negative points on a driver’s record can adversely affect the insurance premium. Even if you’ve three points, you can lose the ‘safe driver’ status, allowing insurance companies to increase the premium.

    Besides preventing insurance services from increasing premiums, Florida driver improvement courses can help you receive discounts.

Selecting The Right Defensive Driving Courses For You

Every US state has different driving laws, including distracted driving, speed limits, etc., and Florida is no exception. Florida – also called the “Sunshine State” – has stringent driver behavior laws.

Like most other states, Florida also uses the point system to monitor traffic violations. Drivers get points when they receive a ticket for moving violations.

For example, speeding (15 mph over the stated speed limit) or moving violations can get you three-point on a license. The state can even suspend your driving privileges if you gain 12-point in around 12 months.

Whether you’ve to attend court-ordered Florida traffic school, reinstate your driver’s license, or want a traffic ticket dismissed, the best way to do it is by taking driver improvement courses.

Looking for convenient online defensive driving courses in Florida? Look no further! We offer various Florida traffic school courses to meet your requirements.

Our courses meet the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) requirements and are court-accepted.

Moreover, our driver improvement courses use identity verification methods to ensure you complete training unassisted.

We’ll report to Florida DHSMV about the course completion once you finish the traffic school course. It will be posted within a few days of completion.

However, if you have finished court-ordered driver improvement courses, make sure that you also notify them and provide relevant documents.

Nevertheless, here are a few defensive driving courses we offer in Florida:

  • Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course
  • The online Florida 4-hour BDI course is the shortest, divided into various easy modules to help you learn to drive safely and prevent accidents.

    All modules are time-bound; however, once you meet the minimum required time, you can take them as long as needed. To pass, you must score 80% (or above) on a final test.

    No worries if you fail to achieve 80%, as we offer unlimited chances (attempts) to pass without additional costs. It’s the most affordable, convenient, and easiest way to finish the 4-hour BDI course.

    We process your completion certificate when you complete the 4-hour BDI course.

    We also provide a fully narrated and animated streaming video of the BDI course. Unlike standard online options, streaming courses don’t have final tests. After each module, pass the brief quizzes you find, and you’ll get a certificate.

  • Florida Intermediate Driver Improvement Course
  • Some drivers in Florida are required by court or law to take an 8-hour Florida traffic school course. The course has various names, such as 8-hour Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI) and 8-hour Advanced Drive Improvement (ADI).

    It’s a compulsory course for drivers with two traffic citations in 12 months and is required by the court. The course explains driving in-depth and includes various defensive driving methods you can utilize to operate vehicles more safely.

    This 8-hour Florida traffic school course includes multiple modules you can take online effortlessly.

    Every module has a defined timeframe. And to proceed further, you must finish brief quizzes you find after modules.

    Once you complete your last module, you must pass a final test with an 80% (or above) score. You can get a completion certificate when you pass your 8-hour IDI course.

    Note: The course doesn’t satisfy the 8-hour Aggressive Driving, drug and alcohol, Revoked, or Driving While License Suspended requirements.

  • Traffic Law And Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) Course
  • Also called the Drug & Alcohol Course or DATA course, the TLSAE covers various traffic rules and laws and illustrates how illegal alcohol and drugs affect a person’s driving ability.

    The course has a timeline and is divided into several modules. You must finish all modules and 40 questions final test to fulfill the requirements set by court order. To pass, you must score 80% (or above).

    We’ll report to DHSMV about the course completion when you finish it. Drivers with court-ordered TLSAE program completion certificates can request Florida hardship licenses – they’re temporary licenses allowing people to drive in Florida for employment or business purposes until the suspension ends.

  • DHSMV Online Permit Exam
  • To earn a learner’s license, you have to pass the learner’s permit exam. You can sit in the test online as well. However, if you’re below 18 and want to take the test, make sure to come with your parents.

    The FL Learner’s permit test covers various Florida Driver’s Handbook topics, including traffic laws, driving practices and tips, and traffic-control identification.

    Here are a few additional topics you must consider:

  • Seat belt rules and regulations
  • Speed limits
  • Vehicle control
  • Lane controls
  • Insurance
  • Signaling
  • Licensing
  • Headlight use
  • Parking restrictions
  • Vehicle restrictions
  • Maintaining attention
  • Turns
  • It’s Florida DHSMV-approved permit exam. It has around 50 true/false and multiple-choice questions. Make sure to answer 40 questions (minimum) correctly to secure a permit.

    According to DHSMV requirements, you have three attempts to pass it online. However, if you don’t, you’ll take the test at the local DHSMV department. You’ll have one hour to finish the exam.

Florida DHSMV-Approved Florida Traffic School Courses

Whether speeding, reckless driving, or other moving violation, DriveSafeToday can help drivers save time, effort, and money.

Our Florida driver improvement courses aren’t just for moving traffic violations but can also be utilized for insurance discounts, court-ordered mandates, and avoiding citations.

We offer complete online courses with flexible timing and schedule. Take the course of your choice and remove driver’s license points.

Our defensive driving courses are insightful and comprehensive to make you a better, safer driver.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Available 24/7 from various devices
  • Remove points from your driver’s license and save big on insurance
  • Download the certificate of completion instantly
  • Notify Florida DHSMV
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