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The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) reported over 401,000 crashes in 2021, which took 3,733 lives.

Written by DriveSafeToday Updated October 14, 2022
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These numbers are grave and signify why Florida State has been ranked as the fifth most deadly state in the United States for traffic accidents. More than 2000 deaths occurred here in the first half of 2022.

Speeding, reckless and distracted driving are the leading causes of road accidents. And when things go wrong, drivers are left to bear the guilt and pay penance for what they did.

So, drivers in Florida are better off learning defensive driving to understand and practice ways to reduce the dangers commonly associated with driving.

The techniques taught in these courses play an important role in reducing the likelihood of a collision or incident. They can even save vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption costs by teaching Floridians how to drive smoothly and steadily.

Keep yourself and others safe by learning defensive driving with our Florida Courses.

What Is Defensive Driving?

It is a set of driving skills and strategies that allow drivers to defend themselves against the bad decisions of poor drivers, drunk drivers, and inclement weather.

Look ahead, and keep your eyes moving – every driver gets this essential advice as soon as they get a car. But a defensive driving course goes beyond the basics to teach drivers how to identify potential hazards and what to do immediately to ensure their own safety and that of others on the road.

Additionally, defensive driving also helps save time, cost, and lives regardless of the driving conditions on the road.

It teaches us not to make assumptions about other drivers on the road. Never assume that other drivers are alert, sober, and willing to follow the rules at all times. It is essential to rely on no one but yourself and make quick decisions based on the present road and environmental conditions. The Florida defensive driving course will enable you to anticipate the situation and reduce the driving risk.

With our defensive driving classes, you can learn new driving strategies that make you a better driver.

Does Everyone Need To Learn Defensive Driving?

Accidents can happen even when the road conditions are perfect and you are driving alertly.

Even in perfect road conditions and driver alertness, accidents can still happen. Besides, you and other drivers are humans and can make mistakes. Defensive driving will allow you to foresee others' driving errors.

You can learn to consciously reduce the risks associated with driving and avoid collisions and accidents by driving smoothly. This also helps save the costs related to fuel, maintenance, and other expenses.

A Florida defensive driving course helps you become aware of potential hazards on the road and allows you to keep an eye on all that's going on around you at any given time so you can pinpoint possible dangers and make the right decision to ensure your well-being just in time when something goes wrong.

You have only a few seconds to react when things start going wrong, giving you a tiny window to act quickly. Defensive driving courses teach anti-collision maneuvers that can empower drivers like you to respond in time and ensure their safety and that of others on the road.

Another crucial element of defensive driving is not trusting other drivers to make good decisions. People ignorant of defensive driving often drive very close to other vehicles, which increases the chances of collisions. You have to give yourself and other drivers plenty of space and time. This strategy instructs us to keep a minimum distance of three to four seconds.

For example, a speeding car hits you from the back. You could have avoided this situation by keeping a time gap between you and the speeding vehicle. You could have changed the lane or moved forward.

You can benefit from the defensive driving courses from Drive Safe Today. This is where you can learn techniques to protect you no matter when and where you drive.

What Can A Defensive Driving Course Teach You?

By learning defensive driving, you will not only stay safe from accidents, but you can also get the most out of your car. Practicing safe habits behind the wheel will make you ready to meet any situation and enable you to make quick decisions.

Defensive driving is a skill for life, and it empowers you to:

  • Decrease Your Chances Of Being A Driving Risk
  • Whether you just got your driving license or are an experienced driver, it is crucial to understand that there is a constant risk of high-speed collisions, dangerous lane changes, drunk drivers, and more. The defensive driving method gives you the expertise to anticipate risks and make quick, effective decisions to avoid serious accidents.

  • Improve Your Driving Skills
  • Your driving skills highly matter under normal and extreme conditions. Most people follow traffic rules and laws but lack road awareness. Following defensive driving methods will improve your skills according to the law and give you a detailed understanding of the road environment.

  • Reduce The Need For Vehicle Maintenance
  • Car accidents often result in hefty repair bills, so it would be best to learn defensive driving to avoid accidents. Moreover, regular driving can result in frequent car repairs and maintenance. The defensive driving technique can lower your car maintenance and slow the depreciation.

  • Decrease The Number Of Motor Accidents In Florida
  • Car accidents in Florida can be fatal. You never know when an accident will occur, but you can prepare to face such situations with defensive driving courses.

    You can create your own accident-free strategies from the knowledge you have learned from Florida defensive driving course. Whether on a night drive or driving on a highway, you know what to do when recognizing potential dangers.

  • Ensure Your Protection
  • Traffic accident-related injuries and deaths are unfortunately widespread all over the world. It is one of the main reasons why you should learn defensive driving. You will not only save yourself but also protect the passengers, drivers, or bystanders. Besides, nothing is more precious than human life.

  • Save Your Insurance
  • Frequent car accidents, maintenance, or violations can result in the eventual loss of your insurance or sky-high premiums that can put a dent in your financial situation. So, it is better to know to save yourself from accidents as much as possible or at least not be the cause of them.

How Can Commercial Drivers Benefit From Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is also beneficial for commercial drivers (truck and bus drivers). Businesses should offer the Florida defensive driving course to improve the safety of drivers and surroundings. They can also use the below tips

  • Large commercial vehicles require more time to stop. So it is better to keep a safe distance from other cars. The United States Code of Federal Regulations has detailed guidelines on operating commercial vehicles.
  • Large commercial vehicles should keep a considerable distance from other vehicles. You can set a rule for yourself to add a second after an increase of 10 miles per hour.
  • Be mindful of your driving speed. It plays a crucial part in stopping the vehicle. The faster you are, the more time you will take to stop. Furthermore, also consider the road condition, weather, and cargo.
  • Avoid getting distracted. It is one of the main reasons for accidents. It may seem a foolish mistake, but it can have terrible consequences.

Ready To Enroll In A Florida Defensive Driving Course?

At Drive Safe Today, we offer courses with that are entertaining and educational. The Florida DHSMV has approved our defensive driving course and it is acceptable by all courts.

Upon completion of the course, you will not only get the above general advantages but also get premium benefits of the Florida Defensive Driving Course

  • Florida DHSMV Approved And Trusted
  • Florida DHSMV has approved our defensive driving course. The course aims to provide safety tips and reinforce your good driving habits. Our instructors are certified and true professionals in making Florida state-certified courses.

    After completion of each chapter, you will have non-graded multiple-choice questions, which will help you to prepare for the final exam.

  • Get A Certificate Immediately
  • Upon completion of the course, you will immediately get the option to download the certificate or use our expedited delivery options to acquire a printed, signed, and sealed copy of your certificate. You can use this certificate to get an insurance discount and dismiss your citation.

    Furthermore, we will also notify the Florida DMV about your course completion for certain courses such as the BDI and TLSAE. The process is simple, so you don't get stuck in unnecessary steps.

  • Unlimited Final Exam Retakes
  • At Drive Safe Today, you must secure at least 80% to clear the final exam to pass. However, we understand that things can take time. We want to make sure that you learn defensive driving properly. That is why we do not have to set any fees for the final exam attempts. They are 100% free every time. The only exception is the DHSMV Permit Exam. For the Permit Exam you will have limited attempts and each attempt will require a payment.

Get The Florida Defensive Driving Course Today

Safe driving is always beneficial for everyone. You should be able to drive carefully and react just in time to prevent injuries and damage. Get the defensive driving course today from Drive Safe Today at affordable prices. The best is you can access the course from any device. Once you have made the purchase, the course remains with you 24/7.

Once you have completed the course, you get a certificate, and we will inform the DMV for you.

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