Eight Safe Driving Tips for Every Teen Driver

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Do you have a new driver in your household? Congratulations! Having a teen driver can be both exciting and stressful. Of course, you want to make sure your teen stays as safe as possible when on the roads.

Here are a Few Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

  • Never text and drive. On average, a text causes you to lose sight of the road for 4.6 seconds, which is long enough for you to have traveled the length of a football field.
  • Keep your cell phone turned off. Some studies have shown driving while on the phone is the equivalent of driving while drunk.
  • Minimize distractions. You should focus on the road and your task at hand. Don't try to change CDs, mess with the radio, eat, put on makeup or do other things when you are behind the wheel.
  • Turn on your headlights. This will get other drivers to notice you.
  • Watch your speed. Fatal accidents involving teens are often blamed on speeding. Speed plays a major role in auto accidents all across the country, especially those involving younger drivers.
  • Stop at railroad crossings. When you approach a railroad crossing, stop and look both ways. You should never rely on the warning signals to tell you that a train is approaching. During 2016 alone there were 265 deaths resulting from 2,025 collisions at railroad crossings across the country.
  • Practice defensive driving and know how to react. Have a possible escape route planned if the need should arise. Stay at least a car length behind the car in front of you when you are traveling at a slower speed and increase the distance for faster speeds. Take a defensive driving course to improve your skills.
  • Drive alone. Your risks increase when you add additional teenagers and they can also become distractions as well.

Safe Driving Courses for Teens

There is no such thing as driving too safe, so always stay alert and watch for the other driver. To sign up for a defensive driving course from Drive Safe Today that is state and court accepted, click here! Courses start at $9.95 and can save you money on your car insurance premiums.


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