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Why Defensive Driving Is So Important

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Georgia City to Outlaw Cell Phone Usage While Driving

Marietta, Georgia has passed a new city ordinance that now makes it illegal to hold a mobile device while driving. Marietta is now […]

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Here's Some Things to Know About Drunk Driving

Vehicles and alcohol do not mix well. When operating a vehicle under the influence, drivers are not only puttin […]

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New Jersey Considers Raising Speed Limit to 75 MPH

New Jersey Speed Limit Petition

Mendel Rosenfeld of Lakewood Township, NJ has started an online petition via < […]

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5 Ways to Spot a Flood Damaged Car

In recent years hurricanes like Katrina, Harvey, and Sandy have caused catastrophic damage. This impacted not only homes, businesses, but […]

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Biggest Traffic Ticket Myths

Red Cars Get Pulled Over More Than Other Colors

Although some red cars appear brighter and stick out more than others, there is ab […]

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How to Save Time at the DMV

Going to the DMV is like going to the dentist. Nobody likes going, but sometimes you just have to go. Sin […]

How to Spring Clean Your Car

With spring well on its way it is about time to give your car a little tender-loving care. Giving your vehicle a good spring cleaning will give you […]

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

Everyone likes to save money. From cutting coupons to searching for online deals every person in the world is looking to shave off a few dollars he […]

How to Winterize Your Car

The Starks of Winterfell said it best: Winter Is Coming! While it is certainly true in the fantastical world of Game of Thrones it is also true for […]

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