Is the Basic Driver Improvement Course for You?

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Absolutely, if the situation calls for it! It’s never been easier to rip off the possibility of getting points and/or a citation from your Florida driving records. And you can do this by taking the Basic Driver Improvement Course from your home PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android smartphone or device. You do not have to leave your home to do it.

What do I need to do?

First, determine the reason you got the ticket. Was it for speeding? Reckless driving? Running a red light or stop sign?  Whatever the reason – it’s okay, we’re judgment-free here at – pay off the ticket with the court clerk listed and then notify them you are electing/volunteering on taking the Basic Driver Improvement Course.

Next, go to our website at and then select Florida as the state. After that click the red Select Course button for the course to begin registration and submit payment. It is that simple!

What is in the BDI Course?

The Basic Driver Improvement Course consists of reading passages accompanied by audio narration – like in an audiobook! – for you to listen to. There are seven sections in total with quizzes that will refresh you on the stuff you have just learned. At the end of the course is a forty-question final exam, which you will need an 80% to pass.

Not confident in your test-taking skills? Do not sweat it!

You have unlimited final exam retakes for the BDI Course as part of the $19.95 price.

As you go through the course, you will receive a ton of interesting bits of information that will make you a better and safer driver. It is always good to take a refresher every now and then. Think of it as exercising, except with your brain. Even if you already knew some of the stuff in the course, you would be surprised how much you may have forgotten over time or did not know at all!

What happens after I finish the BDI Course?

Once you pass the final exam we notify the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles of your completion. If that name is a handful, we find people often refer to them as the Florida DMV. Much easier, right? Once they receive that information they work their magic and update your records to reflect your completion of the Basic Driver Improvement Course. You will also have access to a downloadable certificate, either through your account or through an automatic email we will send you soon after completing the course.

“What about the court? Do you guys notify them?”

We get asked this question a lot, but unfortunately we do not notify any court that you completed the course. You are responsible for notifying the court if that is required. The reason for this is because the FL DMV and the state courts in general do not want us to send any unsolicited information to them. From our experience courts and judges generally want the person who received the citation to personally submit course completion information to them as part of their due diligence.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Because it is! We made it easy to register for and take the Basic Driver Improvement Course online without having to sit in a classroom all day. It is a proven and effective way to prevent a citation from appearing on your Florida driving record.

Register now at our website:

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