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Florida Man Calls Cops on Himself After Gas Pedal Gets Stuck

A man in Florida calls the police on himself while speeding over 90 miles per hour down a Florida interstate. He claims that his gas pedal was stuck and could not get the vehicle to stop or slow down.

The driver, Joseph Cooper was driving down I-95 near Vero Beach in his BMW suv monday morning. After contacting the authorities, he informs the dispatcher, “My gas pedal is stuck.”

When asked to switch gears into neutral, Cooper proceeds to tell the dispatcher, “I can't, ma'am, I tried that already. I'm trying to hold onto the wheel and talk to you at the same time." 

 Authorities tried everything to get the vehicle to stop, including throwing down stop sticks. Fortunately, the sticks brought the vehicle’s speed down from 95 to 40 miles per hour. After the 40 mile journey, the BMW X5 was finally brought to a stop after traveling some time “on all 4 rims with no tires”, as described by a highway patrolman.

A spokesperson for BMW has issued statements claiming that the driver’s inability to stop the vehicle “implausible.” further adding, "We would be happy to work with the Florida State Police to investigate the cause of this incident.”

All BMW vehicles are equipped with failsafe software, where if both the gas and brake pedals are pressed, the vehicle’s onboard electronic system will reduce the engine power letting the driver coast to a stop.

In BMW’s defense, they argue that the vehicle could have been stopped by shifting the transmission into neutral or shutting off the engine by turning the ignition key counterclockwise.

Miraculously, no accidents occurred and no one was injured, and the driver was taken to a nearby hospital for chest pains.

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