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Missouri Driver Improvement Course $14.95

  • Avoid points, fulfill court requirements, and earn a car insurance discount.
  • Missouri Safety Center-approved 8-hour course.
  • Certificate mailed for FREE after completion.
  • Test drive for free and complete it at your own schedule. It's 100% online and available 24/7. The course is informative and fun with free audio narration.

Missouri Driver Improvement Course

Our 8-hour Missouri Driver Improvement Course is approved by the Missouri Safety Center for points removal and to fulfill court requirements to take a driver improvement course. You may take the course once every 36 months. If you have paid your fine through the Fine Collection Center (FCC) we will notify the Missouri Driver License Bureau on your behalf by sending them your DIP Form 4444. If you did not pay your fine through the FCC but instead went to court, we will send you Form 4444 so you may submit it to the court as proof of completion. To receive a discount on your car insurance, you must submit the Form 4444 to your insurance agent. This course is 100% online - you are not required to visit a classroom. This course has been developed to fulfill Missouri Safety Center requirements while keeping you entertained and engaged.

Benefits of Taking the Missouri Driver Improvement Program Online

  • 100% online driver improvement - no classroom required
  • Available 24/7 from any device
  • Lowest price with no hidden fees
  • Audio narration included for free
  • Certificate shipped for free
  • U.S.-based customer support team
  • #1 provider of driver improvement courses in Missouri

Missouri Safety Center Approved Driver Improvement Program

Our Missouri Driver Improvement Course has been approved by the Missouri Safety Center - CMSU. We have quickly grown to be the leading provider of driver improvement programs in Missouri with our entertaining course, client-centric customer support, affordable fees, and transparent pricing policy. We look forward to helping you receive the benefits of course completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is 8 hours long but you can log in and out until you complete it. The course is designed to resume from where you left off.

No. The course is 100% online. You can complete it from anywhere and on any device - mobile, tablet, and computer. It's available 24/7.

Yes, DriveSafeToday.com and our course are approved and accepted by the Missouri Safety Center, the Fine Collection Center (FCC), and the courts.

Eligibility requirements vary based upon your county of residence. All citations are submitted to the Fine Collection Center (FCC) regardless of where you live. Drivers in some counties are granted automatic approval by the FCC for a driver improvement course to dismiss violation points and no other action is required. However, other counties require the FCC to route your citation to the court and you will need to appear in person to request permission for point dismissal from the judge.

No. For violations committed while operating a motorcycle, the rider must attend an approved motorcycle-rider training course.

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