Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE)

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  • Drug & Alcohol Course to Earn Learner's Permit (save with TLSAE + Online Permit Exam Combo)

  • Florida DHSMV Approved & Accepted by all Courts

  • The most convenient, easy, and entertaining way to complete the TLSAE Course online



4 hours - Complete at your own pace

Passing Grade

At least 80% to pass (unlimited retakes)

What's Included

  • Certificate of completion available to download immediately
  • We notify the DHSMV on completion
  • Course format includes Text, Audio, & Video
  • Complete at your own pace (100% online)
  • Unlimited exam retakes for free (guaranteed to pass)

What Our Students Say


Course Rating

(1,742 reviews)

I had to take this course to get my permit. The course was very easy. I finished it all in one day. Would definitely recommend taking this course.

Juan C.

Juan C. Florida TLSAE Course

I usually have a hard time keeping up with online courses but this one was super convenient and easy to use. They let you complete it at your own pace which was super helpful. I got the certificate right away.

Krystal B.

Krystal B. Florida TLSAE Course

If you need to get your permit, you should take the course. They notify the DMV for you when you finish the course. The quizzes are not graded but they help you learn the material. It didn't take that long to complete.

Gary M.

Gary M. Florida TLSAE Course

About Our Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) Course

  • Our 4-hour BDI Course is approved by the Florida DHSMV.

Dive into easy-to-read sections covering topics like vulnerable road users, defensive driving techniques, drugs and alcohol, driving regulations, car maintenance, and special driving conditions. Engage with entertaining stories and interactive content that makes the time fly.

Plus, enjoy the added convenience of free audio narration to listen along.

What you'll learn during this 4-hour course

  • The course is 100% online - no classroom required. You may complete it according to your schedule.

  • Take the course from any device - mobile, tablet, and computer. It's available 24/7 and you may complete it at your schedule.

  • The course will always resume from where you left off.

  • You must score at least 80% on the final exam to pass - don’t worry, you have unlimited attempts to pass at no extra charge.

What you'll get by the end of the course

  • Certificate of Completion

    Upon successful course completion, we will immediately provide a certificate of completion for you to download and email you a copy at no extra charge. Use it to:

    • Earn Learner's Permit

    We provide the option of sending a hard copy of your certificate by USPS First Class Mail and Express Mail.

  • Certified Safe Driver Seal

    Proudly showcase your accomplishment. The QR code verifies its authenticity, leading to a dedicated page. Scan to see a sample.

    DriveSafeToday Safe Driver Seal
  • We notify the DHSMV on completion

    We notify the Florida DHSMV on your behalf upon successful completion. We want to make the process of obtaining your permit as easy as possible!

  • Unlock Extra Cash with Your Unique Referral Code

    Upon completing our course, take the next step – promote safe driving. Invite friends using your code and cash in $3 per referral.

    * Money withdrawal through PayPal.


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