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This Florida Online Permit Exam is Authorized by the State of Florida


Florida Online Permit Exam

Pricing: $29.95

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1753 Reviews | 4.9 Stars

60 minutes

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>80% (each additional retake is $29.95)

  • Online Learners Permit Exam.

  • Authorized by State of Florida.

  • 100% online & available 24/7.

  • We notify the state on completion.

Florida State Authorized Permit Exam Online


This Online Permit Exam is authorized by the the state of Florida. You must complete the exam to earn your learner's permit. The exam has 50 multiple choice and true/false questions - you must answer at least 40 questions correctly to pass. Each exam retake is $29.95 & as per state requirements you have 3 chances to pass the exam online. If you do not pass the exam in 3 tries, you must take the exam at a local driver's office. You have 60 minutes to complete the exam.


Convenience of Taking the Florida Permit Exam Online


Our Florida permit exam is 100% online - you don't need to attend a classroom. It's available 24/7 and compatible with any device (phone, tablet, and computer). The exam must be completed in one sitting - as it's a timed 60 minute exam. Upon successful completion, we'll immediately notify the State and provide you with the next steps necessary to obtain your Florida learner's permit. This is the most affordable and convenient way to complete the Florida permit exam.


Leading Provider of the Florida Permit Exam


Our price, top-tier customer support, and easy to use exam platform have made DriveSafeToday one of the leading providers of the online permit exam in Florida. You'll find the website is user friendly and compatible with any device (mobile, tablet, and computer). Upon completion of the permit exam, we'll notify the State of Florida so you can head over to obtain your learner's permit. If you have any questions, reach out to our customer support team at (800) 991-0310 or send us at email at

Florida Online Permit Exam

DriveSafeToday makes the process of completing the course convenient, simple, and affordable. See how you can benefit from taking the Florida Online Permit Exam today.

Benefit of Taking Our Florida Online Permit Exam Online

  • The course is 100% online - no classroom required.

  • Take the course from any device - mobile, tablet, and computer. It's available 24/7 and you may complete it at your schedule.

  • The course will always resume from where you left off.

Completion Certificate for the Florida Online Permit Exam

  • Upon successful course completion, well immediately provide a certificate of completion for you to download and well also email you a copy at no extra charge.

  • We'll notify the Florida of your completion within 1 business day.

What Students Say

1753 Reviews | 4.9 Stars

Super convenient. They notify the State when you finish the exam. Way better than taking it in person.

Vanessa P.

Vanessa P. Florida Permit Exam

The exam was pretty easy. The website is very very user friendly with clear instructions. It was 50 questions with a mix of multiple choice and true/false. I passed on my first try and I'm a horrible test taker.

Tanisha W.

Tanisha W. Florida Permit Exam

Very easy. The questions were pretty straight forward. No trick questions or hidden fees and they sent my results to the State for me.

Angelo S.

Angelo S. Florida Permit Exam

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, our online permit exam is fully authorized by the State of Florida and is required to earn your learner's permit. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice and true/false questions that can be completed 100% online. Upon successful completion, we will immediately notify the State which will take 48 hours to update your records.

  • As per State requirements, you must be between 14 years 6 months and 18 years to take the permit exam online. If you are 18 years or older you must complete the exam at a local exam center. We'll check your age during registration to confirm if you're eligible to take it online.

  • The exam has a total of 50 multiple choice and true/false questions. Our TLSAE Course, which is also a requirement to earning your learner's permit, can prepare you for this exam. If you have not completed it yet, we suggest completing it prior to taking this online permit exam. The Florida Driver Handbook can also help you prepare. The questions are on the topics of road rules and road signs.

  • We immediately notify the State of your successful completion and they will update your records in 48 hours. If you have not already done so, you must also complete the Florida TLSAE Course which is required to obtain your permit. Once completed you must visit a local office and bring proof of identity, proof of social security (if issued), proof of address, and complete vision and hearing tests.

  • No. If you fail the permit exam for any reason you must pay for each exam retake. You have 3 tries overall to take the permit exam online.

  • Yes! As long as you are not 18 years or older, you can take the permit test online up to three times in the comfort of your home and get on the road as quickly as possible.

  • You can take DriveSafeToday's state-approved permit exam online. Just note that while you can take the online permit exam at 14 1/2, you can't get your permit until you turn 15. You also can't take the learners permit test online if you are 18 years or older.

  • The permit test takes 60-minutes to complete. It consists of 50 multiple choice & true/false questions about road signs & regulations - you must correctly answer at least 40 questions to pass.

  • Don't worry if you don't pass on your first attempt. For an additional fee, you may retake the permit exam (you have 3 attempts to pass the online permit exam).

  • It's a good idea to take a practice exam several times so you're prepared for the actual exam. It's also helpful to take the permit test online so you can complete the test in a comfortable environment such as your home or local library.

  • You can take the Florida learner's permit test up to three times online. After that, you'll have to take the test at your local driver's office.

  • You must score at least an 80% or correctly answer at least 40 questions out of 50 to pass the permit test in Florida.

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