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DUI School Online Course DMV APPROVED

  • Approved by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
  • Select to satisfy a court or state requirement to complete a DUI course.
  • 100% online - complete at your own schedule.
  • Minimum final exam score of 70% to pass - you have unlimited exam retakes.

8 hour course as required by law

Exam Grade Needed to Pass: 70% (Unlimited exam retakes for FREE)

$74.95 lowest price & no hidden fees

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Nevada DUI School Online

Our Nevada DUI School Online is approved by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to satisfy a court order or state requirement to complete a DUI class. It's 100% online - you do not have to visit a classroom. The DUI course is available 24/7 and accessible from any device - mobile, tablet, and computer. This is the easiest and most affordable way to complete the requirement to take a Nevada DUI course.

How the Nevada DUI School Online Works

Fulfilling your requirement to complete a Nevada DUI course online is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply register for the course on our website, complete it at your own schedule and we'll notify the Nevada DMV and the court of your completion. We'll also provide you with a certificate to download for free. We also provide the option to mail a printed signed and sealed version.

Gone are the days where you need to spend time in a classroom listening to a boring instructor teaching you about DUI laws. With our Nevada online DUI class, you'll be presented with the required information in a fun and entertaining format. The course is fully narrated so you're not required to read - you may simply listen to the audio on your speakers or headphones. At the end of each section, you'll have to take a ungraded quiz that refreshes what you reviewed in the section. These quizzes will also prepare you for the final exam. The final exam is graded and requires that you obtain at least 70% to pass. Don't worry - you're guaranteed to pass with unlimited final exam retakes at no extra charge.

Benefits of Taking the Nevada DUI School Online with DriveSafeToday

  • Nevada DMV Approved Provider
  • 100% Online - No Classroom Required
  • Lowest Priced DUI Course with No Hidden Fees
  • Available 24/7 On Any Device (Computer, Tablet, and Phone)
  • Local US Based Customer Support Team
  • Guaranteed to Pass - Unlimited Final Exam Retakes at No Extra Charge

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