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Take the Maryland defensive driving course today! Gain essential skills and earn a certificate for ticket dismissal and insurance savings.

Maryland Defensive Driving Course

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  • Master Safe Driving & Reduce Insurance Bills
    Most insurance companies offer a discount for completing defensive driving course. Check with your provider and see our Unapproved States Terms and Conditions for details.




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I've been using Drive Safe Today for a couple years now. The course material is great and it always helps refresh my driving skills. Will be taking this course again for sure.

Leanne G.

Leanne G. Maryland Defensive Driving Course

The video course was short and straight to the point. Got my certificate emailed to me as soon as I finished the final exam. Insurance company gave me a discount for completing it.

Calvin S.

Calvin S. Maryland Defensive Driving Course

The course covers a lot of essential information everyone should know before hitting the road. My kids also took the course and we have no complaints. We will be retaking this course in the future.

Franklin C.

Franklin C. Maryland Defensive Driving Course

Maryland's Leader in Online Traffic School & Defensive Driving

  • Step into Maryland's premier online platform for defensive driving courses, designed for those eager to refine their driving skills and secure discounts on their insurance.

Our course is meticulously tailored for Maryland, offering in-depth insights into navigating roads safely and effectively.

Signing up for our course not only bolsters your driving capabilities but also offers a pathway to lower insurance premiums. It represents an exceptional opportunity for learners to acquire vital driving knowledge from the comfort of their home, ensuring safer travels and financial advantages through insurance reductions.

Why Join Our Maryland Defensive Driving Course and Traffic School

Our Maryland Defensive Driving Course and Traffic School at DriveSafeToday introduces an essential avenue for bolstering your driving capabilities alongside securing substantial rewards. Crafted with an emphasis on fostering impeccable driving habits, this online course is structured to accommodate your schedule, offering the freedom to learn from anywhere at any time. This ensures you grasp defensive driving skills comprehensively. Additionally, completing this course could significantly reduce your insurance premiums, making it a wise investment for conscientious drivers.

Insurance Discount Opportunities

Endorsed by insurance professionals across Maryland, our course may lead to savings on your insurance rates.

  • Immediate availability of a completion certificate, downloadable once you finish the course.

Transparent Pricing Structure

  • Experience clarity with our pricing, ensuring you only pay the stated amount with no surprise fees.

Dynamic Learning Experience

Our course materials are available in multiple formats, including engaging videos, audio narrations, and interactive text, to suit all learning preferences.

Convenient Online Access

With our course fully online, you can bypass traditional classroom settings, embracing the flexibility to learn from any location.

Learn on Your Schedule

Our course is designed for your convenience, allowing you to start, pause, and resume your learning according to your personal schedule, on any device.


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Sign up for DriveSafeToday's Maryland Defensive Driving Course to achieve insurance discounts and enhance your driving expertise. This online course delivers both economic advantages and essential safety training, fostering improved driving practices.

Enjoy savings and a safer driving experience with a flexible option that accommodates your schedule.

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